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I am also starting a fandom/interest list! This will in no way include everything I have seen/played/enjoyed/what have you. It will just be things that I was involved in the fandom in one way or another at some point and time. I'm still active in many~ This is a work in progress! Also in no order of importance.

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Yes, I am still alive and this is my first post in a bit. :P I'll do a life update later- it's been cray but things have hopefully settled.

Something I am currently excited for is a new landcomm that is starting up called [ profile] tvholics! It's a community where you are placed on a team and do activities (I've done a land comm run by the person running this one before and she always has a wide variety for people of all levels of talent- sometimes it's fic, sometimes it's icon/graphic making, something it's just something fun that anyone can do) and earn points and what not. They're super fun, and this one is general tv, so you can do any television show/s you like.

I'm a mod on Team Catchphrase, so join that if you like! Trust me, it's a lot of fun!

[ profile] tvholics is a brand new land comm based in TV fandom; any television show past or present is welcome! Apply HERE for one of the 3 teams; Slap Kiss ([ profile] tv_slapkiss), Catchphrase ([ profile] tv_catchphrase), or Fourth Wall ([ profile] tv_fourthwall).

Get sorted by September 30th! Our first phase begins October 1st!

[ profile] tvholics! [ profile] tvholics! [ profile] tvholics!
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Please forgive me- gotta pimp this for points! And hey, maybe someone here is interested. :P I will say, though, that I was with a lot of these people for gleeverse (my new team is like Cheerios 2.0 lol) and they're so awesome and all of the challenges are so cool- it's things ranging from fics to graphics to puzzles, and all submissions are screened and you can opt out of anyone ever seeing your stuff if you want to participate but are self conscious about your skills. If you like Glee, this is a fun place to be! (I'm on Team Broadway if anyone is interested 8D)

[ profile] gleek_land [ profile] gleek_land [ profile] gleek_land


It is a land community specialising in the insanity that is Glee, where gleeks can come together, join a team, and compete in challenges that include graphics, writing, and games. There are three teams:

[ profile] team_acapellas [ profile] team_broadway [ profile] team_mashup

Learn More | Apply to Join | Rules and FAQ

Don't forget to mention that [ profile] kierwynn sent you!
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I can't add text to things, but I added ugly text just to be safe. >>; Also, I've never actually seen the Breakfast Club (only parts of it- I know, oop at me), so this is a loose interpretation.

Community and Happy Endings as the Breakfast Club )

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Here are all of the individual covers for each book available for the giveaway. Please excuse my crappy ipod pics- my camera is not working. I'll replace them later when I can get my camera to work or feel like scanning them.

Under the Police - Orange [R-18]
Only It - Harumitsu [R-18]
Thorn - mind*creator (This is actually in Thai, I believe and it's not R-18 but it kind of borders it)

Weekenders - 103 [R-18]
School Day and Love Wars - gogogo!/SicagoShibuya [R-18]

Yellow-Cake - 103 [PG]
Half Game - Aqulo Hawawa [PG]
Carnival! - 103 [R-18]

Thought to Hide - AMAOh! [R-18]
Lion Hero - Orange (This will count as two books as it is thicker than usual) [R-18]
Dear My Hero - HIGE METRO/TEKI [R-18]

MOCHILD - (er can't read the circle oop) [PG]

Bet Me - mind*creator [R-18]

Starpot [PG]
Merica Strike [PG]

Any Time - Hagi [R-18]
This Too Shall Pass [PG]

England Wore Shorts [R-18]
D.C. Unison (this counts as 3 books since it's like 200 pages long) [R-18]
Spoof [R-18]

Good Night, babys - Oops [R-18]
Herosand - Hobby Hobby [R-18]
E.A. [R-18]

Clean Green - C [R-18]
High Calories in Love [R-18]
It's Show Time [PG]

Congratulations - Rainy [R-18]
Moshi Moshi Darling [R-18]
Magic3 [PG]
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20 icons = 20 points
8 fanfics/fanart = 8 points
20 gifs = 20 points
2 Misc = 2 points
total = 50

extra: 10 videos
2 gifs

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My life cast with television characters for Episode 3x16: challenge redux at [ profile] tvrealm :)

the cast )

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Title: Dreams of Space
Fandom: Hetalia
Pairing/Characters: America/England
Word Count: 1510 (probably a little more now that I've edited it)
Rating: PG
Summary: Alfred Jones is a young boy with big dreams- to one day travel to Mars. Luckily, he has a big enough imagination to make it happen.
A/N: This was done for the speed fic challenge of the US/UK olympics. The prompt was Mars Rover Curiosity, and I'm not sure how I got to this from that but whatever. Got a gold medal so whatevs. B)

Alfred Foster Jones was the first man to ever take step on Mars. )

Title: Criticism
Fandom: Hetalia
Pairing/Characters: America/England
Word Count: 861
Rating: PG
Summary: As they wait for the Women's Gymanastics team finals, America offers England his opinion of the venue.
A/N: Written for the US/UK Olympics fic sprint qualifying round. It's just a silly little thing inspired by a conversation I had with haro during the women's all around competition.

It is Comics Sans's long lost cousin. )
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This is my first submission for [ profile] gleeverse, so here is hoping it doesn't suck too much. And forgive the season 3 bias- There have just been a lot of good moments and they're fresh on my mind since it's so recent. btw The moments aren't just the ones in the gif, but everything about it. For example, Fondue for Two? The whole thing. Justin Beiber Experience? All of it.

Number one and two should be obvs )
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So tomorrow I am going to New Orleans and Monday I will be leaving for my cruise where I will be gone and completely internetless for a whole week. So that I don't go through any USUK withdrawls, I wanna have some fics with me to read. Help a girl out! I'm looking for links cause that's easier for me to put on my nook. I have a lot to do before tomorrow so I don't really have time to dig around myself, either. =3=~

So, if you have any fic links on hand please share them! I do not like angst unless it's minor and it's quickly resolved and I don't like things that drag the will they or won't they thing out too long. I'd also very much prefer completed fics. Any links are much appreciated! <3
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Title: Defying the System []
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing/Characters: America/England (established relationship)
Word Count: 2311
Rating: PG
Content: AU, human names
Prompt: Butler!US and master!UK domestic relationship in the mansion. Preferably they're very open about the relationship (i.e. not hiding it from other servants in the house).
A/N: My first fic in a long while. Written for [ profile] marimo_blogger for US/UK secret santa! I think the prompt is a better summary than I could ever hope to write. I got ahead of myself and had so much I wanted to write, but I decided to hold myself back. I hope it's some what what you wanted.

But Master Kirkland, that would be inappropriate! Helping a servant! )
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Title: Golden Years
Fandom: Hetalia
Pairing/Characters: America/England
Word Count: 1108
Rating: PG
Summary: After his retirement, Alfred has trouble settling into his new daily routine. Arthur tries to help cheer the poor man up.
A/N: For US/UK Olympics Fic Sprint Round 1. The word golden made me think of Golden Girls, so I wrote old men. oop I was concerned that I was writing them too young, but let's be real, Hugh Hefner is pushing 90 and still acts like a youngin', so I figure I'm good.

In all our years together, you've not once made something without burning it. It was doomed before you even started. )
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Okay, so, since there was some interest, I would like to try to get this going. (For those who don't know, I'm looking to get a casual, multi-fandom rp going for those of us who like and want to rp, but just don't have the time for a normal rp) So there are 2 ways we can do this-

1. More of a dressing room style type thing where people do whatever

2. Have an actual setting/type/plot/whatever

I, personally, would like an actual setting so that it can go places and have some sort of direction/plot. I mean, it'll go slow, but it'll be something. [ profile] haro and I were talking about a possible setting based on Hetalia's card verse. I mean, just the idea of it (the kingdoms named after suits and all that) Why? Cause I'm obsessed with card verse. :P Only, it wouldn't just be hetalia characters that rule each place, it'd be whoever and I dunno I think there is a lot you can do in that setting. I would also assume it's more of a fantasy type universe. idk Nothing is set in stone yet, that is just one of the ideas to come up that I really liked.

About characters, since it's probably gonna be a small group, you could probably do multiple ones. Also, there would be no applications, but you'd probably have to like post up like back story or personality info or other stuff, especially for characters others may not be familiar with. Also, if you wanna join, who would you be interested in playing? Everyone in any fandom is a okay! (cept America and England have had dibs called >> I don't think anyone called anyone else :la If I forgot lemme knoooow)

Just give me any thoughts, ideas, whatever.

Oh, and I recommend you read the comments so you can give thoughts on what is being suggested or you can give ideas on stuff or whatever.

Also, this is unlocked, so if you know anyone who would be interested, point them this way!
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Sooo, there was some talk on plurk and people were kind of interested in doing LJ rp, but no one has the time to keep up with a real game. There was talk about a possible casual game being started for like friends and friends of friends and stuff? (Well, anyone, really, but you know) So, I was wondering, would anyone be interested? It'd be multi fandom and what not. If you are, what kind of verse/plot/type/whatever would you be most interested in? Remember, this would be completely casual. Post as little or as much as you like. I just like, can't keep up with anything that isn't LJ for this type of thing. Soooo, let me know!
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Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating about Spain much- I've been so busy, especially lately since my teacher went cray cray... I'm in Portugal now- going back to Spain tomorrow... so have some pics of Portugal!

Oh and postcard people... I may have to send your postcards from the states because I have been so busy. They're all made out and stuff, but going out to find stamps is a whole other thing...

Lisbon, Portugal )
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So... Spain.... It's very... Spanish.

Okay, okay, seriously... It's pretty from what I saw, but I slept the whole bus ride here. Salamanca is gorgeous, though. All these beautiful old buildings that I walk by daily or have class in... it's like whoa. Things started off rocky, though. Okay, here is my official report.

Monday, May 30th: Woke up early and had breakfast with my parents. Got to the airport early and had to sit around- registrations was supposed to start at 12:15 but it didn't start til like 12:45. 8l I got through security quick and eventually was joined by Amy and Maegan. I ended up next to Amy on the plane, which was cool. Didn't sleep at all but watched Black Swan, Tangled, and some ANTM.

Tuesday, June 1st: Arrive in Amsterdam and take my first steps in Europe. ;; Amsterdam airport is super cute- tulips EVERYWHERE. I'm not crazy about the layout to the waiting areas, though, but whatever. We were there a short time. We hope on our plane to Madrid and I have the whole row to myself- we flew the over part of England which I took a ton of pictures of cause I am lame like that sob. When we got to Madrid, it took us FOREVER to find the rest of our group. We were on the opposite end of the airport and instructions for where it was in the terminal were so unclear. Wasn't a language barrier, either, despite it all being in Spanish- just my teacher gave bad directions. We ended up waiting for a couple of hours after that for the bus. While waiting, I found out I was supposed to have my Lamar part paid before I left. My phone doesn't work out here, so I had to leech someone's paid internet (there were little computers and you put euros in or your credit card number and it gave you internet time) to send my sister a quick email with my Lamar account info. Then we hopped on the bus, and rode to Salamanca, where I slept most of the time. I woke up a couple of times- one time there was this huge castle outside the window and omg it was lovely. Too bad I'm skipping out on the castle trip to go to Portugal, but I'll mention that later. We get to the dorms, and I got paired with someone I don't know, which I am fine with- she's cool. So, Ashanti and I go to our room and then come back down, and we have a group meeting. Also, turns out dinner doesn't start at the forms til 9pm and we were all STARVING. To pass the time, Amy, Maegan, Brittany, and myself walked around the city a little. We got lost, but made it back right in time for dinner.

That night, I had unbelievably bad leg cramps. Seriously, the pain was unbearable and it was in both legs at the same time. I wanted to just die it was that bad. My roommate got up and helped massage my legs until it went away. I didn't sleep at all that night because even after the pain went away I was still extremely sore.

Wednesday, June 2nd: I was in this not asleep but not awake daze when there was a knock at the door- we had a placement test at 9 and it was apparently 8:30 so someone came to check on us. She was like oh we're leaving but uh yeah you should get up. Greeeeeaaaat. I was kind of pissed they didn't wait for us, but we found a group of kids with backpacks to follow cause we had no clue where to go. The test consisted of a multiple choice part and a verbal convo part and I was half asleep so I was just like in zombie mode. The verbal part annoyed me because she kept saying what I was going to say right before I said it and I was just like ... yeah thanks lady. 8l You're supposed to be seeing my speaking skills... So, after that, we all walked around town for awhile and then went back for naps before we got our results. I placed intermediate, which was expected tbh

Oh I have a lot more to say, but I am tired of typing, so have some pics. WARNING- HUGE I THINK IDK JUST COPYPASTING FROM PHOTOBUCKET

Salamanca pics )
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