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Okay, so, since there was some interest, I would like to try to get this going. (For those who don't know, I'm looking to get a casual, multi-fandom rp going for those of us who like and want to rp, but just don't have the time for a normal rp) So there are 2 ways we can do this-

1. More of a dressing room style type thing where people do whatever

2. Have an actual setting/type/plot/whatever

I, personally, would like an actual setting so that it can go places and have some sort of direction/plot. I mean, it'll go slow, but it'll be something. [ profile] haro and I were talking about a possible setting based on Hetalia's card verse. I mean, just the idea of it (the kingdoms named after suits and all that) Why? Cause I'm obsessed with card verse. :P Only, it wouldn't just be hetalia characters that rule each place, it'd be whoever and I dunno I think there is a lot you can do in that setting. I would also assume it's more of a fantasy type universe. idk Nothing is set in stone yet, that is just one of the ideas to come up that I really liked.

About characters, since it's probably gonna be a small group, you could probably do multiple ones. Also, there would be no applications, but you'd probably have to like post up like back story or personality info or other stuff, especially for characters others may not be familiar with. Also, if you wanna join, who would you be interested in playing? Everyone in any fandom is a okay! (cept America and England have had dibs called >> I don't think anyone called anyone else :la If I forgot lemme knoooow)

Just give me any thoughts, ideas, whatever.

Oh, and I recommend you read the comments so you can give thoughts on what is being suggested or you can give ideas on stuff or whatever.

Also, this is unlocked, so if you know anyone who would be interested, point them this way!


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