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So... Spain.... It's very... Spanish.

Okay, okay, seriously... It's pretty from what I saw, but I slept the whole bus ride here. Salamanca is gorgeous, though. All these beautiful old buildings that I walk by daily or have class in... it's like whoa. Things started off rocky, though. Okay, here is my official report.

Monday, May 30th: Woke up early and had breakfast with my parents. Got to the airport early and had to sit around- registrations was supposed to start at 12:15 but it didn't start til like 12:45. 8l I got through security quick and eventually was joined by Amy and Maegan. I ended up next to Amy on the plane, which was cool. Didn't sleep at all but watched Black Swan, Tangled, and some ANTM.

Tuesday, June 1st: Arrive in Amsterdam and take my first steps in Europe. ;; Amsterdam airport is super cute- tulips EVERYWHERE. I'm not crazy about the layout to the waiting areas, though, but whatever. We were there a short time. We hope on our plane to Madrid and I have the whole row to myself- we flew the over part of England which I took a ton of pictures of cause I am lame like that sob. When we got to Madrid, it took us FOREVER to find the rest of our group. We were on the opposite end of the airport and instructions for where it was in the terminal were so unclear. Wasn't a language barrier, either, despite it all being in Spanish- just my teacher gave bad directions. We ended up waiting for a couple of hours after that for the bus. While waiting, I found out I was supposed to have my Lamar part paid before I left. My phone doesn't work out here, so I had to leech someone's paid internet (there were little computers and you put euros in or your credit card number and it gave you internet time) to send my sister a quick email with my Lamar account info. Then we hopped on the bus, and rode to Salamanca, where I slept most of the time. I woke up a couple of times- one time there was this huge castle outside the window and omg it was lovely. Too bad I'm skipping out on the castle trip to go to Portugal, but I'll mention that later. We get to the dorms, and I got paired with someone I don't know, which I am fine with- she's cool. So, Ashanti and I go to our room and then come back down, and we have a group meeting. Also, turns out dinner doesn't start at the forms til 9pm and we were all STARVING. To pass the time, Amy, Maegan, Brittany, and myself walked around the city a little. We got lost, but made it back right in time for dinner.

That night, I had unbelievably bad leg cramps. Seriously, the pain was unbearable and it was in both legs at the same time. I wanted to just die it was that bad. My roommate got up and helped massage my legs until it went away. I didn't sleep at all that night because even after the pain went away I was still extremely sore.

Wednesday, June 2nd: I was in this not asleep but not awake daze when there was a knock at the door- we had a placement test at 9 and it was apparently 8:30 so someone came to check on us. She was like oh we're leaving but uh yeah you should get up. Greeeeeaaaat. I was kind of pissed they didn't wait for us, but we found a group of kids with backpacks to follow cause we had no clue where to go. The test consisted of a multiple choice part and a verbal convo part and I was half asleep so I was just like in zombie mode. The verbal part annoyed me because she kept saying what I was going to say right before I said it and I was just like ... yeah thanks lady. 8l You're supposed to be seeing my speaking skills... So, after that, we all walked around town for awhile and then went back for naps before we got our results. I placed intermediate, which was expected tbh

Oh I have a lot more to say, but I am tired of typing, so have some pics. WARNING- HUGE I THINK IDK JUST COPYPASTING FROM PHOTOBUCKET

I still have a ton to upload but here are a few.


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