Dec. 3rd, 2011

kierwynn: (US/UK ~ awkward (vol 4))
Title: Golden Years
Fandom: Hetalia
Pairing/Characters: America/England
Word Count: 1108
Rating: PG
Summary: After his retirement, Alfred has trouble settling into his new daily routine. Arthur tries to help cheer the poor man up.
A/N: For US/UK Olympics Fic Sprint Round 1. The word golden made me think of Golden Girls, so I wrote old men. oop I was concerned that I was writing them too young, but let's be real, Hugh Hefner is pushing 90 and still acts like a youngin', so I figure I'm good.

In all our years together, you've not once made something without burning it. It was doomed before you even started. )
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Title: Defying the System []
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing/Characters: America/England (established relationship)
Word Count: 2311
Rating: PG
Content: AU, human names
Prompt: Butler!US and master!UK domestic relationship in the mansion. Preferably they're very open about the relationship (i.e. not hiding it from other servants in the house).
A/N: My first fic in a long while. Written for [ profile] marimo_blogger for US/UK secret santa! I think the prompt is a better summary than I could ever hope to write. I got ahead of myself and had so much I wanted to write, but I decided to hold myself back. I hope it's some what what you wanted.

But Master Kirkland, that would be inappropriate! Helping a servant! )


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