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Title: Defying the System []
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing/Characters: America/England (established relationship)
Word Count: 2311
Rating: PG
Content: AU, human names
Prompt: Butler!US and master!UK domestic relationship in the mansion. Preferably they're very open about the relationship (i.e. not hiding it from other servants in the house).
A/N: My first fic in a long while. Written for [ profile] marimo_blogger for US/UK secret santa! I think the prompt is a better summary than I could ever hope to write. I got ahead of myself and had so much I wanted to write, but I decided to hold myself back. I hope it's some what what you wanted.

Growing up as a wealthy, British gentleman, Arthur Kirkland was taught early on that one must be as sophisticated and refined as possible at all times. This was especially true in front of the servants. Arthur tried to do just as he was taught- partially because he agreed with the idea and partially out of habit.

As he got older, Arthur realized that the only time he could let his guard down was when he was around his servants. They were the only people who wouldn't judge him- at least not to the extent that others would. At home, he was able to act as he pleased, and not worry about the gossip or rumors that were so common amoung the wealthy. Still, he always tried to have the best manners, no matter who was around. He was a gentleman, after all.

At the current moment, though, manners and what not were the least of his concerns. It was morning, and he was rushing down a long hallway, a clear look of frustration on his face. He was obviously distracted- so much so that he didn't notice the maid waiting for him at the end of the hallway until she called out to him.

"Good morning, Master Kirkland."

Arthur hesitated slightly, surprised, before nodding towards the young maid. "Good morning, Susan," he said before hurrying past her.

He could hear Susan's footsteps follow after him. "Can I help you with anything, sir?" she asked when she caught up to him. "Is everything all right? You seem to be in a hurry."

"Yes, everything is fine..." His voice trailed off, and he stopped. "Actually," he began, turning to face the young maid, "have you seen Alfred? I can't seem to find him..."

"Oh, I believe I saw him in the kitchen, sir. Would you like me to summon him on your behalf?"

Arthur shook his head. "That's quite all right. I can get him myself, thank you." Arthur turned to walk away, but stopped, once again facing the maid. "There is one thing, now that I've thought of it."

"Yes, sir?"

"Would you see to it that my best suit is cleaned and pressed? Oh, and do be sure that the guest room is spotless. My parents will be arriving this weekend and I need everything to be perfect."

"Of course, sir," the maid said with a slight bow before rushing away to follow her orders.

"Right," Arthur muttered to himself, "now to find Alfred."

The walk to the kitchen was a rather long one. Arthur lived in a large mansion, and the kitchen was on the opposite side of the home from the master bedroom. (Not to mention on an entirely different floor all together.) It was times like this that he cursed having such a large home, but was grateful he wasn't a servant and that it was hardly an issue.

... Well, it should hardly be an issue, but there was a certain, insolent servant that often forced Arthur to venture into the designated servant areas.

When Arthur entered the kitchen, he was greeted by several servants bowing and saying "Good morning, Master Kirkland." Arthur ignored them all and made his way through the kitchen, only stopping when he spotted a familiar blonde servant.

"Alfred Jones!" Arthur called, stomping over to the servant.

Alfred jumped at the sound of his name, turned towards Arthur, and laughed. "Don't scare me like that, Arthur!" He shook his head. "My apologies, Master Kirkland," he corrected.

"I'd like to think we're past this, "Arthur sighed, rolling his eyes. He reached his arms out and wrapped them around Alfred's neck. "To you, I'm Arthur."

Blushing, Alfred looked around the kitchen. The other servants were staring at them, causing him to blush more. "I know, sir, but I figured with the other servants around..."

Arthur tightened his grip on Alfred's neck and glared at the servants behind him, causing them to quickly return to their work. Pleased with the result, he returned his attention to Alfred. "I'm not concerned with them- they are paid to listen to me, after all."

"So am I, but you see how well that is going," Alfred replied, grinning.

Arthur huffed, scowling at the taller blonde. "Speaking of... I don't recall asking you to fix breakfast." He tilted his head, motioning towards the counter where what appeared to be the beginnings of a rather large breakfast sat.

"Ah, yeah..." Alfred began, laughing, "You didn't, but you've been kind of stressed lately, so I wanted to do something special for you. I thought a nice breakfast would help to ease you... I know how nervous you have been about your parents coming over... I thought a nice, Alfred style breakfast would help you out! ... The cook is mad at me, though. He thinks I don't trust him, but whatever." Alfred laughed again, and was promptly silenced by Arthur's lips on his own.

"You're an idiot," Arthur muttered against Alfred's lips, "And I love you for that."

Smiling, Alfred closed the short distance between them and kissed Arthur again. "I love you, too, which is why I wanted to do this for you."

"I know." Arthur began to run his fingers through Alfred's hair. "Nothing eases me more than waking up with you beside me, though. I was disappointed when you weren't in bed when I woke this morning."

Alfred blushed. "Yeah, I know. I had trouble sleeping, then I had the idea to make you breakfast..."

A look of concern formed on Arthur's face. "Why didn't you inform me? Are you all right? Perhaps you should return to bed..."

"No, no, no," Alfred said, shaking his head. "There is too much to do before this weekend. I'm just... nervous, I guess. What with meeting your parents and telling them about..." He looked down at the ground and Arthur laughed softly.

"Us?" Alfred nodded, and Arthur continued, "Yes, I'm not sure how they are going to take it when I inform them that I am madly in love with my butler."

"I hope they're cool with it..."

"Even if they're not, I'm not too concerned. I love you and that isn't going to change."

"I know, but... I dunno... I want them to accept us!" He paused. "Remember how badly my family took the news?" Alfred lowered his voice and began to wildly exaggerate his movements. "Sleeping with the master is against the butler code of ethics!" he said, obviously mocking his father. He laughed, his voice returning to normal. "Or something like that. I expect it to be worse with your parents..."

"Don't fret over it, love. They'll love you."

Alfred smiled brightly at the reassurance. "I really hope so! I'm really happy to finally meet them. I wish your brothers would have accepted your invitation, though. I want to meet your entire family..."

Arthur scowled. "Those wankers haven't spoken to me since they found out that my grandfather had decided to leave his entire estate to me. I was hardly expecting them to decide to come and spend a holiday with me after everything that happened." His scowl turned into a sad frown, and he looked down. Being reminded of his brothers always made him sad. He was never fond of the bastards- they picked on him and the lot of them fought constantly as children. But, they were still his family, and the fact that they were all able to toss him aside so easily hurt him more than anything they could have ever done to him as a child.

Arthur felt fingers gently touch his chin and guide his face upwards so that he was greeted with bright, sky blue, eyes. "Hey, wanna help me finish up breakfast?" Alfred asked, a bit too loudly, his eagerness to change the subject obviously showing. "Come on, it'll be fun! Then we can eat it together."

Arthur visibly brightened at the suggestion and nodded. "That would be lovely."

The two men began to finish the breakfast Alfred had already started. It was common knowledge amoung the servants that any attempt Arthur made at cooking turned destructive, so he wasn't surprised when Alfred assigned him small tasks such as slicing fruit and cracking eggs. They talked and laughed, occasionally throwing things like fruit and flour at one another. Arthur was sure that, were his parents to walk in and catch him in such a state, they would die right then and there. He also knew that he and Alfred were making a huge mess and the other servants were likely not to be pleased. They'd be the ones to have to clean it all up in the end. He'd have to be sure to thank them later and give them the night off as thanks.

Once they had finished making breakfast, they took it out into the rose garden to eat. Arthur loved the rose garden- it was his favorite place in the entire estate. He had fond memories of visiting his grandparents as a child. He gained his love of gardening from his grandmother. The rose garden was her darling, and Arthur often joined her and helped her tend to the flowers. She taught him everything he could ever wish to learn about gardening and roses in particular.

When his grandmother passed away, his grandfather hired a gardener to keep his grandmother's beloved garden in perfect shape as she always had. Still, Arthur would visit when he could and would tend to the garden himself. When he was done for the day, his grandfather would join him in the rose garden for tea.

Now that his grandfather was gone, the garden, as well as the entire mansion and his grandfather's fortune, was his. He had never asked for it, nor truly thought he'd ever receive it, but he realized afterwards that was probably why it was given to him in it's entirety. He had loved his grandparents, had spent a lot of time with them, and none of it had ever had anything to do with their money.

Of course, now that it did belong to him, he didn't speak to his family often. His brothers hated him for having been given everything, and his parents only spoke to him when they felt it would benefit them. It hurt him to think about his family and how money tore them apart, especially when he had never even asked for everything he was given. He couldn't complain about where he was in life, though- he had Alfred now. Alfred loved him, not for his money, but because he truly saw something special in Arthur. The whole time he and Alfred have been together, he has never once doubted Alfred's sincerity. The way Alfred smiles so sincerely at him- the way he is always so genuinely happy when he sees Arthur- the way he gently touches him and whispers "I love you"s in his ear when they make love... Yes, there was no doubt in Arthur's mind that Alfred loved him just as much as he loved Alfred.

"Arthur?" Alfred asked, knocking Arthur out of his thoughts, "Are you okay?"

Arthur smiled, nodding. "Quite all right." He looked around at the rose garden that surrounded their table. "I was just thinking of my grandparents," he replied, a sad smile on his face.

Alfred reached his hand across the table. Blushing, Arthur placed his own hand in Alfred's, who began to stroke Arthur's hand with his thumb. Alfred didn't speak- he only smiled.

"I still miss them," Arthur continued. "They were the only real family I had." Arthur shook his head. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Alfred squeezed his hand. "I never got the chance to meet your grandparents, but I heard they were wonderful people. It's no surprise you miss them, and I would have loved to meet them."

"They were," Arthur said, his smile beginning to brighten. "And I would have loved if you had met them."

Alfred squeezed his hand, then motioned toward the half eaten breakfast in front of them. "Eat up!" Alfred said, changing the subject. "We need our strength for today! There is a lot of chores to do before this weekend!" He paused. "Well, I have a lot of chores. You're the master, so I guess you can just chill if you want."

"I could," Arthur responded with a nod, "but I'd prefer to assist you." He squeezed Alfred's hand. "I want to be with you today..."

A grin formed on Alfred's face. "But Master Kirkland, that would be inappropriate! Helping a servant!"

Rolling his eyes, Arthur leaned over the table and gently kissed the other man. "I'm sure that would be considered inappropriate as well, but I hear no complaints."

"You're cute when you're defying the system," Alfred said as he picked up a piece of fruit and popped it in his mouth. "I like it." He wiggled his eye brows, which caused Arthur to snort.

"Sometimes I wonder what I see in you."

"I wonder that, too. Whatever it is, I'm glad you see it. You make me happy."

Arthur smiled at Alfred, his cheeks a bright pink. "You make me happy as well. Happier than any of this," he motioned towards the mansion, "ever could."

The two men sat in silence, smiling at each other, until Alfred spoke up.

"You know, I changed my mind. I've had enough breakfast, I think. Wanna go for a walk before we start those chores?"

"That would be lovely," Arthur replied.

Still holding hands, Alfred and Arthur stood up and laced their fingers together. As they walked, Arthur thought about the weekend to come. He knew facing his parents would be difficult- he knew they may never accept him or his relationship with Alfred... but as long as Alfred remained by his side, he knew he'd be fine.


-I wanted to address this, but couldn't find a way to fit it in, but Arthur chose to keep his inheritance despite the problems it caused because it was what his grandfather wanted- he also didn't want his family to have any of it after how terribly they treated him. He probably would have shared had he been given the chance. (though he'd have def kept the mansion because it's special to him)

-Alfred didn't work at the mansion until after Arthur moved in- Arthur wasn't really interested in hiring anyone else- he just wanted to keep the ones already there employed for his grandfather's sake, but Alfred wormed his way into the job position and eventually into Arthur's heart. Oh, and Alfred's father is a butler as well.

-I wanted to include more, especially the meeting with Arthur's parents, but I felt that would be going too far off the prompt, so I kept away from that. Perhaps one day.
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